Mixing and thinning paint

Mixing and thinning water base paint is important

Water base paints tend to thicken with age so the paint can start off at a creamy consistency … it slowly gets thicker and thicker as it ages until it begins to solidify at the end of the life span.
There is often a difference in the paint from one can to the next even if you brought them at the same time.

You will get the best results from our paint pads using the paint at the consistency of fresh pouring cream. All you need is a little water and it’s really quick and easy to do.

We’re only doing a small job so I don’t need to mix a lot of paint and I find these little plastic buckets with the sealable lids are the perfect size.

Stir the paint thoroughly then pour some into your mixing container. You can see how the paint is a little gluggy as it runs off the stirrer … you really want the paint to flow smoothly off the end of the stirring stick.
Add about half a cup of water and stir it through thoroughly.


This paint is still a little too thick …so I’m going to add half a cup more and stir it well. Now the paint looks like it’s perfect … it’s running off the stirrer just like pouring cream.


The amount of water will vary from can to can depending on the paint itself … so just add a little bit at a time. I always keep a little of the original paint on the side so that if I ever thin it down too much I can thicken it up again. If I was doing a bigger job I would pour some of the paint out  of the paint can into a sealable bucket … leaving enough room to mix the paint in the can … and do the same.


Do not thin oil base paints down.
Oil base paints don’t need thinning down … you are best off working with them as they are.
To avoid the issue of too much drag on the surface … when you are working with enamels and thick heavy oil base paints … you use a smaller brush.

The only thing we ever add to oil base paint is 1 cap of boiled linseed oil per 1 litre of paint.
Oil base paint is made using linseed oil … this extra bit added in … helps to stop the paint thickening up as you’re working with it through the day.

Trouble shooting

If the water base paint is too thick
– The first thing you will notice is that the loading roller in the paint tray won’t turn smoothly in the paint  … and it isn’t loading your brush properly.
– The second thing you’ll find is that it feels like hard work and the brush is dragging on the surface … you have to use pressure and you’re getting streaks.
To solve these problems … thin your paint down … just a little more.

   Once you have the paint consistency right the Easi-Paint Home Decorator kit is a breeze to work with … the paint feels like it flows on the surface … so you don’t need to use any pressure and the finish is fantastic.