Oiling a Timber fence

Oil a timber fence

Mark is our neighbour in Brisbane … he runs Stockade fencing and has been using the Easi-Paint Home Decorator kit on his job sites for years and he loves it. He had a fencing job on around the corner so we went along to film the kit in action with timber oil on both old and new timber.
The existing fence had been up for some years and as it gets the full afternoon sun the timber was dry and weathered. Previously it had been coated with a Sikkens timber oil that had a dark Mahogany tint so it needed a good sanding back before they could start and the access was a little tricky.


Mark and Laura are working with water based timber oil by Intergrain called Ultra Deck. The medium is very thin and runny in consistency so they are working with the Stain, Oil & Varnish pads which clip straight into the Easi-Paint handles … these pads have a shorter, finer bristle and are designed to give greater control with the finer timber mediums.

Laura is working with the large brush and the small paint tray … as it’s easy to manage up the ladder. First she’s oiling the top and bottom edges of the slats before finishing off on the flat face of the timber. The oil will protect the timber from deterioration so it’s important that each coat is complete with solid coverage.

The first coat is the hardest as the old timber is really dry and thirsty … the timber oil really soaks into the fence … it is nourishing the timber and bringing out the beautiful natural colours of the existing hard wood slats.


A new section of fence is being built to enclose the rest of the back yard. The new timber slats have been pre-oiled with the Stain, Oil & Varnish pads on saw horses before cutting to size and will only need a top coat once the fence is up.
Pre-coating the timber you are working with saves a lot of time.  While Mark waits for the oil to dry he pitches in with the medium brush on the existing fence and uses the large paint tray.


The jobs almost done

Mark completes the second coat of Ultra Deck on the new fence which he’d pre-coated while Laura applies the finishing touches to the existing fence. The new fence which is done in Kwila timber  … is   looking absolutely gorgeous after its second coat of oil …there’s really nice rich warm golden hues.
Once the front garden … which was pruned right back prior to the job … has regrown along the front fence the darker timber colour of the existing fence will highlight the new one … it will become the feature of the driveway and it will look fantastic.




Time taken – 6.5 hours
5 hours         –  sanding and surface preparation on the old timber fence. No preparation on the new timber.
1.5 hours      –  2 coats of timber Oil on both the old and the new fences inside and out

The existing fence  is  –  8m on the front … 4m on the side … and 1.75m high
The new fence is  –  5m on the front … 1.5m on the side … and 1.5m high

What they used on this job from the EASI-PAINT HOME DECORATORS kit
    – large paint tray with loading roller  (Reusable)
    – small tray with loading roller  (Reusable)
    – large brush with Stain, Oil & Varnish pad  (Reusable)
    – medium brush with Stain, Oil & Varnish pad  (Reusable)




The entire project only used 3 litres of Ultra Deck timber oil for 2 coats on both fences and the Stain, Oil & Varnish pads cleaned up well … they’re still in good condition and ready to use again.