Restoring a table with Orange Tung Wood oil

Sanding Table

We are working with the Easi-Paint Home Decorator kit. These paint pads can be used with water base paint and oil base paint … and they will give you fantastic results

working with timber mediums. Application is quick and easy … and the loading system measures out just the amount from the tray to the brushes … so you get really good coverage … and there is no mess to clean up at the end of the job.


Easi-Paint Paint PadsLarge Easi-Paint BrushAndy picked up an old table to use on the deck of his country cottage. It was in pretty good condition … just needed a good clean and a light sand on the top and the sides.
Although the table would be undercover it would still be exposed to the elements … so it needed a coating that would waterproof and protect it … and enhance the earthy colours of the timber … with the low sheen rustic timber finish that Andy wanted.

We decided to use “Howard products” Orange Tung Wood Oil. This is a mixture of 100% pure Tung oil and “Howards” own 100% natural orange oil … this combination is an absolute pleasure to work with.
It forms a flexible waterproof coating … so it takes the weather really well … it’s not prone to mould … it doesn’t darken with age … and it looks great.


Step 1

First Coat of Oil on table
Finishing off first coat of oil

Small Easi-Paint BrushMeduim Easi-Paint TrayWe’re working with the large brush … the medium brush and the mini brush … and as the Orange Tung Wood Oil is a little syrupy and thick to work with ( although not as thick as oil base paint )… we are using the Easi-Paint multi-purpose pads to reduce the surface drag… and as it’s only a small job we’re using the small paint tray.
First was the table top and the sides … we did this in minutes using the large brush …you can see that the oil is really soaking in … it’s putting moisture back into the timber and bringing out the colours and the natural lustre of the wood.


Step 2

Coating table legs with oil
Finishing off table legs

Medium Easi-Paint BrushThe table legs we did with a mixture of the medium brush for the smaller flat areas … and the mini brush … which made all of the fiddly bits easy … as the Easi-Paint pads mould themselves to the contours of any surface that you’re painting.

We checked our project in a couple of hours … our surface was perfectly prepared so we didn’t have to …but if you do see any excess oil sitting in puddles on the surface… wipe the excess oil off … or blend it in with a soft dry rag. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

The second coat really brought it all together … the character and the colours of timber are superb … it will feel quite soft and silky to the touch because it’s been moisturised and nourished … the table is totally sealed and waterproofed and once the oil settles it will have a gorgeous low sheen finish … that’s exactly what we’re after.

Second coat of oil on table

Finishing off second coat of oil on table

Howards Orange Tung Wood Oil

Andy’s really happy with the transformation … his $25.00 table will give him a lot of use as the view from his deck is spectacular … with the Orange Tung Wood Oil being such a tough finish … the table will handle the weather … and withstand the heavy traffic of farm life.

We have used “Howards” Orange Tung Wood Oil on our deck for some years with fantastic results and the application is really easy. Simply fit the fixed extension clip … or the swivel extension clip to the Easi-Paint large handle … you can now do the job with a straight back … you get a totally professional protective finish and the mini-brush gets you right to the edges for seamless results … the job is done in no time.


Time taken – 1 day & 19 minutes from start to finish 5 minutes – sanding 7 minutes – first coat 7 minutes – second coat 24 hours – drying time in between coats

Cost of the job

$ 95.00 Easi-Paint Home Decorators Kit (reusable)

  • – 1 large paint tray with loading roller
  • – 1 small paint tray with loading roller
  • – 1 large brush with Multi-purpose pad
  • – 1 medium brush with Multi-purpose pad
  • – 1 Mini-brush with Multi-purpose pad
  • – 1 removable ceiling & high wall extension clip

(the kit was costed in to an earlier project … and the pads are still good … so now … we reap the benefits)

$175.00 – “Howards” Orange Tung Wood Oil ( we purchased this some years ago to do our deck … and we still have lots left for our next projects )

$ 25.00 – Timber table
$ 25.00

Small Easi-Paint Tray Large Easi-Paint Brush Medium Easi-Paint Brush Small Easi-Paint Brush