Ripple Pad Trial

Dirk & I trial the NEW Ripple pads

The easiest way to apply thick, heavy paint to a large surface area is with our NEW RELEASE … the Ripple pad  which clips straight into the large handle of the Easi-Paint kit.

The Ripple pad has a very dense charcoal coloured tri-fibre foam backing that is cut to the shape of small corrugations … it looks a little like a small profile of mini orb … then it’s covered with  acrylic mohair ‘flock’ bristles just like our other paint pads. Only the bristles on the tops of the corrugations make contact with the surface … less surface tension means less drag … which means much easier application of the thicker paints that are harder to manage like some of the modern undercoats … surface preparations and thick heavy ceiling paints.

When these pads are loaded with paint, the paint tends to sit in the dells between the corrugations … as you work … you don’t need to use pressure … gravity feeds the paint through to the working bristles at the top of the corrugations and you get great coverage.

Using Thick Paint with the Ripple Pad

We are doing a feature wall for our friend Gwendoline and step 1 was the undercoat.
The can of paint we had to work with was a can of Taubmans prep-coat that had sat in the shed for a couple of years and it was as thick as mud as you can see in the photo … so we thought we’d give the new Ripple pad a go.

Make sure you prepare your pads properly before you start … this is important with all paint pads as you must get any loose bristles out of the pad before you start work. I find the easiest way to do this is to run the vacuum cleaner over them … it only takes a minute and makes a big difference to the end result.

Use the Ripple pad the same way you use the Multi-purpose pads. First you apply the paint to the surface then go back over the work and lightly lay it off in one direction (making sure with this pad that the corrugations are horizontal to the surface you’re working on) … for a smooth finish … then paint the next area and lay it off … until
you’re finished.

Applying paint with the Ripple Pad

What a breeze … the amount of drag on the brush was minimal … having done this application before with the flat pads we both found the Ripple pad much easier to manage with these really thick mediums. Very little pressure was needed so there were no drips, no runs and no mess to clean up.
We were really impressed … the Ripple pad is easy to work with … it gives good quick solid coverage and an excellent finish.

The wall is 4m x 2.4m and took 2 people under 10 minutes … we used easily
under ½ a litre of undercoat to do the job … and the Ripple pads washed up well